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Nutri-Lick provides high quality nutrition supplements for animal care and growth. Based in Mitchell, Queensland we have an extensive product range including dry loose lick, lick blocks, protein meals and pellets.

For those of you that have not heard Nutri-Lick was sold in mid-January 2020. Bruce, Vicki, Jack & Will Jones of Mitchell purchased Nutri-Lick from Adam & Melanie McEvoy, as a family company.

"We thought it would be a good fit for our existing rural business, Samios Trading Post"

Jack will be managing Nutri-Lick after returning from North Queensland working on cattle stations. Jack has a sound knowledge of Animal Nutrition and along with the help of our full time Nutritionist we guarantee all your animal supplement needs will be met. Nutri-Lick will remain a high quality animal supplement business.

We Thank You for your existing business and look forward to future partnership in the care of your herds.

Jack Jones
Site Manager/Owner

Company History

Production of hard pressed molasses based lick blocks commenced in the early 1990's in the main street of Mitchell Queensland as a family run operation.

The acceptance of livestock supplementation grew steadily and by the end of the decade the location was no longer large enough for a growing product range and demand. At the turn of the century the industrial estate was established on the outskirts of Mitchell and this became the new home for Nutri-Lick Livestock Feed Supplements.

In April 2004 the business changed hands over to Adam and Melanie McEvoy who grew an operation that necessitated a factory upgrade in 2015.


Located in Mitchell South West Queensland, there are a number of means by which product can be sent to customers. We are located on a national highway with Queensland Rail services to our doorstep meaning daily pickups are available.  A large number of road carriers service this region.

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