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"It’s refreshing to see a business like Nutri- Lick. Your professional yet personalised approach. Our cows performance from your custom made product speaks for itself."

Simon and Myriam Daley


"We have dealt with Adam and the team from Nutrilick for many years. We have never had any issues with Adam or the team, orders are always despatched in a timely manner. You can always ring and talk to Adam about your lick requirements, he's always friendly and helpful with his advice."




"We have been using the 15% mulga-mix dry lick provided by Nutri-Lick at Aqua Downs for at least 8 years now. We believe we keep our breeders in an even plane of nutrition by feeding lick all year round in covered troughs. This prevents the higher intakes experienced by a stop/start feeding regime and the cattle get the vitamins and minerals required for good fertility. Even through the recent dry years our breeders have been able to produce 85% and better pregnancy tests on a diet of pure mulga."

Bill Douglas

"Aqua Downs"



"Adam and his team at Nutri-Lick are fantastic . Adam has a wealth of information to help guide us through selecting the right ingredients for our cattle lick requirements . Adam and his staff are always friendly and helpful when ever you turn up at the business . They go out of their way to help where ever possible . The price of their products is always reasonable , and that's why I have been a customer since they opened . I would highly recommend Nutri-Lick to any farming operation."

David Clay DC Pastoral & Earthmoving

"Northview "

Morven QLD


"We are very pleased with your product we purchase from you. With the cattle lick we use our cattle went through the drought and after the drought broke they picked up in condition very quickly..We attribute their quick response to the Nutri Lick . Great service from your company."

Name withheld

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