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Ute Chute loaded on the Nutri-Lick Ute

The Nutri-Lick Ute Chute; Designed to help the Grazier make feeding livestock easier. The Team at Nutri-Lick have experienced first hand the hardships of the drought. Finding there was a need to equip Graziers with a more economical method for feeding, the Ute Chute was created to be the ultimate farming tool that every Grazier needs!

Heading 1

This innovative design enables Graziers to transport and dispense supplements directly from their Ute. With a holding capacity of up to 1 tonne, the Ute Chute can be loaded safely from the ground then lifted onto the back of a Ute with a tractor. Ensuring all safety measures are taken to secure the Ute Chute to your Ute, in these few easy steps, your supplement is ready for your livestock.

Changing the way you feed out

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